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Once you've developed your marketing strategy, there is a "Seven P Formula" you should use to continually evaluate and reevaluate your business activities. These seven are: product, price, promotion, place, packaging, positioning and people.

As products, markets, customers and needs change rapidly, you must continually revisit these seven Ps to make sure you're on track and achieving the maximum results possible for you in today's marketplace. To begin with, develop the habit of looking at your product as though you were an outside marketing consultant brought in to help your company decide whether or not it's in the right business at this time. Ask critical questions such as, "Is your current product or service, or mix of products and services, appropriate and suitable for the market and the customers of today?

Whenever you're having difficulty selling as much of your products or services as you'd like, you need to develop the habit of assessing your business honestly and asking, "Are these the right products or services for our customers today? Is there any product or service you're offering today that, knowing what you now know, you would not bring out again today?

Compared to your competitors, is your product or service superior in some significant way to anything else available?

The Seven Ps of the Marketing Mix: Marketing Strategies

If so, what is it? If not, could you develop an area of superiority? Should you be offering this product or service at all in the current marketplace? The second P in the formula is price.

Marketing Theories – The Marketing Mix – From 4 Ps to 7 Ps

Develop the habit of continually examining and reexamining the prices of the products and services you sell to make sure they're still appropriate to the realities of the current market. Sometimes you need to lower your prices. At other times, it may be appropriate to raise your prices.

Many companies have found that the profitability of certain products or services doesn't justify the amount of effort and resources that go into producing them. By raising their prices, they may lose a percentage of their customers, but the remaining percentage generates a profit on every sale.

Could this be appropriate for you? Sometimes you need to change your terms and conditions of sale.

7 marketing

Sometimes, by spreading your price over a series of months or years, you can sell far more than you are today, and the interest you can charge will more than make up for the delay in cash receipts. Sometimes you can combine products and services together with special offers and special promotions.Leadership Skills:.

Subscribe to our FREE newsletter and start improving your life in just 5 minutes a day. The Seven Ps of Marketing is a relatively simple framework that can be used by any organisation or manager to plan marketing activities and a marketing strategy.

It is useful because it ensures that you look across each area together, and consider how they might be related. The Seven Ps started as just four: product, price, place and promotion.

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Over time, as marketers became more aware, and practices and businesses changed, three more have been added: people, processes, and physical evidence. This page explores each of these areas in turn, looking at the important aspects to consider when planning marketing activity. Apple is said to have developed the iPod without checking for customer demand first.

Steve Jobs was apparently convinced — correctly, as it turned out — that people would want to buy his product. History, however, is littered with less successful examples of companies who have developed a product first, and worried about finding customers later. It is true that customers do not always know what they want. They do, however, often have an idea of what they lack, or the problem they are trying to solve. Doing some good customer research in advance of any development costs will ensure that you do not waste any time or money on products that nobody wants to buy.

It is also helpful to check back with your customers during the development to ensure that you are still developing the right product. In particular, check that you are not over-engineering the quality: sometimes good enough is all that is necessary or required. The price that you charge is important, because it will determine the profit that you make on the product or service.

It must, therefore, be greater than the cost of producing the goods or services. However, a product is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, so it needs to be priced competitively: consistent with what others are charging for similar goods or services. Research shows that delivery of goods bought online is very important to overall customer satisfaction, so should be a part of your overall strategy.

It is designed to show customers why they should buy your product or serviceand should therefore focus on benefits, and not just features. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that promotion is NOT one-way. Instead, you should see it as the way to start a conversation with your customers, and with your employees, who also need to understand the product. It is important to look at a variety of channels, including print, online and mobile.

Your promotion activity should focus on where your customers are, whether that is particular social media sites, or newspapers. Your customers are unlikely to separate the product or service from those who provide it. Your staff—and that means anyone who comes into contact with customers, even remotely, through something that they have written for the company website—are therefore vital. They will have an important effect on customer satisfaction.

This is even more important now, because so many people are active on social media, and staff therefore can and will communicate with customers directly. Staff will need to be adequately trained to understand their importance, and how to deal with customers. Based on our popular management and analysis content the Skills You Need Guide to Business Strategy and Analysis is a straightforward and practical guide to business analysis.

This eBook is designed to give you the skills to help you understand your business, your market and your competitors. It will help you understand why business analysis is important for strategy—and then enable you to use analytical tools effectively to position your business. Processes was originally added for service industries, but there is increasing recognition that processes also affect customer experience in product companies.The functions of marketing assist to provide complete consumer satisfaction.

This MarketingWit article explains the 7 functions of marketing with examples. A promotional campaign for a movie targets the common public and markets the film at the grass-roots level. Marketing is one of the most important components for a business.

7 marketing

No entrepreneurial venture can be completely successful if it is not marketed properly. There are different types of marketing gimmicks, and one needs to choose the most appropriate one as per the industry and target audience. The marketing phase is defined by certain functions, which, when followed properly, lead to customer satisfaction. The paragraphs below list and explain the 7 functions of marketing and their importance.

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Read More. Why Hire Web 7? Consultation Request. Full Name Required. Phone Required.The 7 Ps of marketing are a set of key principles that belong at the very heart of your marketing strategy. They are sometimes jointly referred to as the marketing mix. Our aim is for you to leave with a better understanding of fundamental marketing theory, and a new approach to try out the next time you put together a marketing strategy.

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At that time, marketing theory was shifting towards a more strategic, managed approach. Further, they are all things which the seller can control, and are therefore ideally suited to proactive strategy formation.

These original 4 Ps, which still form the core of the marketing mix to this daycan be defined as follows:. The product should do what the customer wants or needs it to do. In order to design or identify a suitable product, the business should conduct thorough research into the tastes, requirements and buying habits of its target audience.

This research-backed approach provides a surer path to commercial success than simply creating a product under the assumption it will find its place in the market.

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The product should be sold at a price which the target audience deems to be good value-for-money. When calculating product price, we must take into account all the costs entailed in producing, promoting and delivering that product. If production and promotion are set to carry relatively high costs, this should be reflected in an appropriately high price.

Effective pricing is not a simple matter of offering a cheaper alternative to the competition. Whether consciously or not, you will likely select a bottle within a quite specific price range, which is habitual to you. The superior approach, then, is to identify the price your target customer is used to paying for products and services similar to your own, taking into account your costs and the profit margin required.

The product should be available where the customer expects to find it, e. Further, we must identify how the product should be presented in each context. For example, which aisle of a supermarket should a CPG product be stocked in? Should it be sold in a trade promotion? In which contexts should it appear as an online ad? This is as true of digital products and services as it is of traditional ones, with factors such as website design and hosting costs to consider.

In ecommerce, the device type preferences of the target audience should also be factored into your planning.

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The product should be promoted to the appropriate audience via appropriate channels, using advertising methods which resonate with that audience. These channels may include and are not limited to :. Promotion may differ somewhat in tone and content from channel to channel — but never in such a way as to create contradictions. Intwenty-one years after E. These principles, which reflected the changing reality of marketing theory and practice, are as follows:.

The team involved in the delivery of the project should possess the skills and qualities needed to ensure its success barring unforeseen mishaps. You could well have developed the best product of its kind — but if your customer-facing people are off-putting to customers, the project will not reach its full commercial potential.

As such, marketing campaign teams must put in place processes and best practices for how customer-facing team members behave publicly and communicate with customers. Methods for doing this include distributing a social media policypaying attention to communication skills when hiring customer-facing staff, providing training on good communication, and imposing disciplinary measures to deter misbehaviour. These processes may include and are not limited to :.You can gather information by reviewing published market research reports, asking your sales team for feedback or carrying out a survey using a market research firm.

Your distribution strategy determines how and where customers can obtain your products. If you market products to a small number of business customers, you may deal with them directly through a sales team.

If your business expands to other regions or countries, it may be more cost effective to deal with customers through local distributors. Companies marketing consumer products distribute them through retail outlets or, increasingly, via the Internet. Marketing provides valuable input to product and service development. Marketing also identifies opportunities to extend a product range or launch existing products into new sectors.

Pricing plays an important role in determining market success and profitability. If you market products that have many competitors, you may face strong price competition. In that situation, you must aim to be the lowest-cost supplier so you can set low prices and still remain profitable.

You can overcome low price competition by differentiating your product and offering customers benefits and value that competitors cannot match.

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Promotion makes customers and prospects aware of your products and your company. Marketing and selling are complementary functions. Marketing creates awareness and builds preference for a product, helping company sales representatives or retail sales staff sell more of a product.

Marketing also supports sales by generating leads for the sales team to follow up. Successful marketing provides a regular flow of revenue to pay for business operations. Marketing programs that strengthen customer loyalty help to secure long-term revenue, while product development programs open new revenue streams. Financing also plays a role in marketing success by offering customers alternative methods of payment, such as loans, extended credit terms or leasing.

Based in the United Kingdom, Ian Linton has been a professional writer since He holds a Bachelor of Arts in history and economics from Bristol University. Organizational Marketing Activities.

7 marketing

Five Examples of Marketing Activities. Share on Facebook. Distribution Your distribution strategy determines how and where customers can obtain your products.

Pricing Pricing plays an important role in determining market success and profitability. Promotion Promotion makes customers and prospects aware of your products and your company. Selling Marketing and selling are complementary functions. Financing Successful marketing provides a regular flow of revenue to pay for business operations.

References Reference for Business: Marketing.Strategy 7MarketingMedia is an innovative, full-service strategic marketing consultancy firm. We not only serve as advisors to our clients but also execute and implement marketing plans and digital marketing efforts that lead our clients to win in the marketplace.

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